Plainview, NY  November 2, 2011 – David R. Maltz & Co., Inc., Auctioneers recently sold 21 KFC franchises/leasehold interests located throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Nassau counties for $5,500,000.

After lingering on the market for over 6 months, Maltz was retained to create a much needed sense of urgency and expedite the sale of the franchises and leasehold interests.  Maltz developed a proprietary, multi-faceted three step bidding process which embraced not only existing franchisees, but new franchisees and parties exclusively interested in the leasehold interests.

After executing a highly comprehensive marketing campaign over the next 60 days it was clear the auction structure was a success.  Bids consisted of many combinations from single location bids to 21 franchise bulk bids and everything in-betweens.  The bids were for the franchises with leasehold interests as well as bids exclusively for the leasehold interests.

The closings for current franchisees and those exclusively buying the leasehold interests occurred within 30 days following the auction.  The closings for bidders requiring KFC training closed upon the completion of said training.

All parties involved in this auction were very pleased with the timely results delivered during the current recession.
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