Monthly Multi-Property Auction Events
Put 35+ Years of Experience to Work for You and Your Clients!


Auctions assemble all interested parties in one location at one time, creating a competitive atmosphere, heightened by the knowledge that the property will sell then and there.

  • Pre-qualified bidders – Ready, Willing, and Able to Buy
  • Guaranteed Sale Date and Contingent-free Closing 30 Days Thereafter
  • Maltz Auctions Handles all Aspects Involved with Selling the Property
  • Assurance that the Property Will be Sold for True Market Value
  • Exposure of the Property to Many Potential Buyers
  • Quick Commission- You Control When the Property Will Sell and Close

Referring Broker:
Your main responsibility consists of introducing a qualified prospect to Maltz Auctions.  We are pleased to offer flat or percentage based referral fees for any client you refer to us, subsequently resulting in the successful sale and closing on the prospect’s property.

Cooperating Broker:
We understand that as the listing broker, your listings are very valuable to you. We also understand that you have the duty to your client to obtain the highest selling price for their real estate. Whether your client is in need of a quick sale, could benefit by capitalizing on the high-desirability of a property, or has a unique property, an auction will create the competitive atmosphere that results in competitive bidding and a final selling price at true market value. With the seller’s ability to control the selling process through the use of predetermined terms and conditions of sale, a contingent-free closing will take place 30 days after the auction.

Contact us at 516.349.7022 or via email to discuss how we can work with you to sell your client’s property today!

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A real estate auction is an extremely effective marketing tool that offers an accelerated method of buying property at true market value, on a pre-determined date.

As the successful bidder, your Client will find comfort in knowing that they did not overpay for the property, as another equally qualified party was willing to pay slightly less than the high bid.


  • Motivated Sellers Whom are Fully Committed to Sell
  • Guaranteed Sale Date & Contingent-free Closing 30 Days Thereafter
  • Long Negotiation Periods are Eliminated with Predefined Terms
  • All Interested Parties Receive an Equal Opportunity To Buy
  • Increase Your Revenue & Market Share by Developing Your Niche in the Fastest Growing Real Estate Sales Method

Maltz Auctions is firmly committed to working with all parties who may be beneficial to a real estate transaction. As such, we offer generous compensation to all parties with whom we establish these strategic relationships. As a Buyer Broker, you have the opportunity to earn a generous commission when your client is the successful bidder at one of our auctions in which we are offering Broker Participation.

To register yourself as an agent for your client:

  • Download and fill out a Broker Participation Form.
  • Have the agreement signed by your client and notarized.
  • Return the completed form to our office at least 48 hours prior to the Auction.

It’s that simple!

To qualify for compensation you must follow and agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Check the auction listing to ensure Broker Participation is being offered.
  • Identify your client(s) whom have not had prior contact with, or been contacted by our firm through submission of the Broker Participation Agreement Form.
  • Return a completed Broker Participation Agreement Form to our office at least 48 hours prior to the Auction. Furthermore, it is crucial that you ensure receipt of this form by our office prior to our contact with your Client.
  • Accompany your client to at least one Inspection and the Auction.
  • Your client must be the successful bidder at the Auction and pay and close on the property in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale.
  • You must be a licensed Broker in the state in which the Auction is occurring and abide by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.

View all Real Estate Currently Being Offered At Auction