Maltz Auctions’ has the capability to negotiate the sale of real, personal and intellectual property to a third party without conducting a formal auction.

Brokered sales are predominantly used when assets are very unique and difficult to sell, a low profile sale is desired or an extremely time sensitive situation exists.

When an extremely limited market exists, it is often in the seller’s best interest to utilize this controlled sales method. Conducting a brokered sale allows us to find the perfect buyer/seller match, generating a greater selling price than would be realized at auction.

The brokered sales method may also be desired when a sensitive or discreet situation exists.  If the seller desires to maintain a low profile and not have the tremendous publicity an auction generates, a brokered sale is the ideal method.

Case Study:

In early December a potential client requested our services to sell a commercial property with one requirement, the property had to be sold and closed before December 31st.  With a minimum acceptable selling price of $600,000 we compiled a compressed marketing campaign and actively solicited our database.  We successfully completed the engagement in under three weeks and for a purchase price of $975,000 (60% in excess of our minimum target price).


With a network of strategic alliances throughout the United States,
we are able to offer the efficient liquidation of virtually any asset.