David R. Maltz & Co., Inc. recently sold at Public Auction the Huckabay Ridge Renewable Energy Plant in Stephenville, Texas for $3,300,000.

Maltz implemented a highly effective marketing campaign resulting in asset inquiries from four continents from in excess of 200 potential bidders.  Prior to the auction, a $2,150,000 stalking horse bid was negotiated with a qualified bidder.  The next acceptable bid was set at a minimum of $2,400,000. The auction was held on November 2, 2010 and after highly spirited bidding, final bid was $3,300,000. Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Sale the successful bidder closed within two week following the auction.

All parties involved in the Public Auction of this property were very pleased with the results as the $3,300,000 selling price far exceeded the stalking horse bid.  With a highly constrained period to market this unique, one of a kind property, David R. Maltz & Co., Inc. yet again showed why they are referred to by many as the nation’s premier auction firm specializing in debt related sales.

About David R. Maltz & Co., Inc.

David R. Maltz & Co., Inc, is the premier full service auction company specializing in the timely sale of real estate in a professional manner. Since inception more than 30 years ago, they have built a $100+ million a year corporation with an impeccable reputation for professionalism, honesty, integrity and success.  The firm has conducted thousands of auctions on behalf of such clients as the United States Bankruptcy Courts and Financial Institutions throughout the United States, the United States Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Government Small Business Administration, law firms, private individuals and corporations nationwide. David R. Maltz & Co., Inc. is nationally recognized as a name in excellence and achievement.

Individuals seeking additional information about their auction services may contact a professional team member at 516.349.7022, or visit their corporate website at www.MaltzAuctions.com.